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Alchemy of Souls Season 2: How to Download All Episodes in HD Quality

Where to Download Alchemy of Souls Season 2

If you are a fan of fantasy anime with a touch of romance, mystery, and action, you might have heard of Alchemy of Souls, a popular Korean series that debuted in 2022. The first season ended with a thrilling cliffhanger that left many viewers eager for more. The good news is that season 2 is coming soon, but where can you download or stream it legally? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Alchemy of Souls, including its plot, characters, themes, release date, streaming platforms, and what to expect from season 2.

where to download alchemy of souls season 2


What is Alchemy of Souls?

Alchemy of Souls is a fantasy anime series based on a web novel by Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran. It tells the story of Jang Uk (Lee Jae-wook), a young man from a prestigious family who wants to change his fate; Jin Bu-yeon (Go Youn-jung), a blind woman who is actually a powerful sorceress; Heo Yun-ok (Hwang Min-hyun), a prince who seeks to protect his kingdom; Seo Yul (Kim Se-jeong), a loyal friend who has a crush on Jang Uk; Park Jin (Kim Sung-cheol), a ruthless leader who wants to control all magic; Jin Mu (Lee Tae-ri), a cunning villain who wants to unleash chaos; and Naksu (Kim Ji-soo), a mysterious figure who haunts their lives.

Why is Alchemy of Souls popular?Alchemy of Souls is popular because it combines various elements that appeal to a wide range of anime fans. Some of these elements are:

  • The fantasy genre: The anime is set in a fictional world where magic exists and is governed by the laws of alchemy. Alchemy is the art of transforming matter and energy using the power of the soul. There are different types of alchemy, such as fire, water, earth, wind, light, and shadow. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses, and can be used for good or evil purposes.

  • The romance subplot: The anime features a love triangle between Jang Uk, Jin Bu-yeon, and Heo Yun-ok. Jang Uk and Jin Bu-yeon share a special bond that allows them to see each other's memories and emotions. They also have a common enemy in Park Jin, who wants to capture Jin Bu-yeon for her rare light alchemy. Heo Yun-ok is the crown prince of the kingdom of Seong, and he has a crush on Jang Uk since they were childhood friends. He also has a duty to protect his people from the threat of Park Jin and his army of soul shifters.

  • The mystery plot: The anime has a lot of twists and turns that keep the viewers guessing. There are many secrets and mysteries that surround the characters and their pasts. For example, who is Naksu and what is his connection to Jang Uk and Jin Bu-yeon? What is the origin and purpose of the ice stone, a powerful artifact that can amplify or suppress alchemy? What is the true nature of Jin Mu's shadow alchemy, and why does he want to destroy everything?

  • The action scenes: The anime has many exciting and well-animated action scenes that showcase the different types of alchemy and their effects. The characters use their alchemy to fight, defend, escape, or create various phenomena. Some examples are Jang Uk's fire alchemy that can burn anything, Jin Bu-yeon's light alchemy that can heal or blind, Heo Yun-ok's water alchemy that can manipulate liquids, Seo Yul's earth alchemy that can shape rocks and metals, Park Jin's wind alchemy that can control air currents and sound waves, Jin Mu's shadow alchemy that can manipulate darkness and illusions, and Naksu's unknown alchemy that can alter reality.

  • The music: The anime has a catchy and memorable soundtrack that matches the mood and tone of the scenes. The opening theme song is "Soulmate" by Ailee, a powerful ballad that expresses the feelings of Jang Uk and Jin Bu-yeon. The ending theme song is "Destiny" by BTOB, a upbeat pop song that reflects the theme of fate and choice. The background music is composed by Kim Jun-seok, who also worked on other popular Korean dramas such as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God and Mr. Sunshine.

How did season 1 end?

The first season of Alchemy of Souls ended with a shocking cliffhanger that left many questions unanswered. Here is a brief recap of what happened in the last episode:

  • Jang Uk and Jin Bu-yeon finally confessed their feelings for each other and kissed.

  • Park Jin attacked Seong with his army of soul shifters, who are people who have lost their souls due to alchemy experiments.

  • Heo Yun-ok tried to stop Park Jin with his water alchemy, but was overpowered and injured.

  • Seo Yul helped Heo Yun-ok escape with her earth alchemy, but was captured by Park Jin.

  • Jin Mu revealed his true identity as Park Jin's brother and betrayed him by taking the ice stone from him.

  • Naksu appeared and confronted Jin Mu, claiming that he was the one who gave him the ice stone in the first place.

  • Jin Mu used the ice stone to activate his shadow alchemy, which turned everything into darkness.

  • Jang Uk and Jin Bu-yeon sensed each other's danger and rushed to help.

  • Jin Mu stabbed Jang Uk with a shadow blade, while Naksu stabbed Jin Bu-yeon with an ice dagger.

  • Jang Uk and Jin Bu-yeon fell to the ground, bleeding profusely.

  • The screen faded to black as their voices echoed: "I love you."

When and where can you watch Alchemy of Souls Season 2?

The answer to the question of where to download or stream Alchemy of Souls season 2 depends on your location, preference, and budget. There are several streaming platforms that offer the anime series, but each one has its own features, pricing, and availability. Here is a comparison of some of the most popular options:


Netflix is one of the most popular and widely available streaming platforms in the world. It has a huge library of movies, shows, documentaries, and anime, including Alchemy of Souls. Netflix is also the official international distributor of the series, which means that it has the exclusive rights to stream it outside of Korea.

To watch Alchemy of Souls season 2 on Netflix, you need to have a subscription plan that suits your needs. Netflix offers three plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The Basic plan costs $8.99 per month and allows you to watch on one device at a time in standard definition. The Standard plan costs $13.99 per month and allows you to watch on two devices at a time in high definition. The Premium plan costs $17.99 per month and allows you to watch on four devices at a time in ultra high definition.

The release date of Alchemy of Souls season 2 on Netflix is December 10th, 2022. The series will have 10 episodes, which will be released weekly on Saturdays and Sundays. The season finale will be on January 8th, 2023. Netflix is available in over 190 countries and regions, so you can watch Alchemy of Souls season 2 almost anywhere in the world.

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Pros and cons of Netflix

Some of the advantages of Netflix are:

  • It has a large and diverse catalog of content, including many original and exclusive titles.

  • It has a user-friendly interface and features, such as profiles, recommendations, downloads, subtitles, and parental controls.

  • It supports various devices and platforms, such as smart TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and streaming devices.

  • It offers a free trial for new users and a flexible cancellation policy.

Some of the disadvantages of Netflix are:

  • It is more expensive than some of its competitors, especially if you want to watch in HD or UHD quality.

  • It does not have live TV or sports channels.

  • It may have different content availability depending on your region due to licensing agreements.

  • It may have delays or errors in streaming due to network issues or high demand.


Crunchyroll is one of the most popular and dedicated streaming platforms for anime fans. It has a huge library of anime titles from various genres, including Alchemy of Souls. Crunchyroll is also the official simulcast partner of the series, which means that it streams new episodes as soon as they air in Korea.

To watch Alchemy of Souls season 2 on Crunchyroll, you can choose between two options: free or premium. The free option a


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