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Eterna Matic Serial Numbers [BETTER]

Eterna stopped engraving serial numbers on their watches around 1974. The movement design in this watch was produced between 1971 and 1979. As this watch has no serial number it is post 1974, and has to be before 1979, but we can not be more accurate than that.

Eterna Matic Serial Numbers


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The Kon Tiki watch I have has a movement numbered 1422 UD , and is from 1961 . Eterna chose to date their watches by movement numbers instead of serial numbers because they changed movement numbers so often as demonstrated by the fact that in 1961 alone , there are 9 movement numbers .

Frankly I'm surprised that your watch doesn't have a serial number as the Kon-tiki was their flagship and would have been the highest priced (unless they had gold models). The ones I have are the basic 1000 and basic autos and these have serial numbers on the movement.


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