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Fur Pom Poms To Buy

Our small online store was established in 2015 to help creative knitters find reliable supplier of fur poms with fast shipment and affordable rates. We started selling our first items at Etsy shop that helped us earn positive reviews and find first loyal clients. Now we are proudly offering an inspiring and unique variety of beautifully handcrafted accessories such as fur pom poms, fur scrunchies and fur pom pom keychains.

fur pom poms to buy

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LuxPoms is the best destination for choosing unique, handcrafted, large fur pom poms in the United States and Canada. We proudly offer an awesome selection of high quality poms made from raccoon, rabbit, mink, arctic fox, silver fox, and faux fur that comes in different colors and sizes.

These beautiful pom poms have always been very popular with knitters and designers all over the world, and for good reason! Our real violet raccoon fur pom poms offer a combination of allure and boldness that simply cannot be beat, making them a must-have for your next knitting or crocheting project!

Our purple real raccoon fur pom poms are great for showcasing your vibrant sense of personal style, and also for adding some pop to your clothing or accessories. These alluring and elegant pom poms are soft to the touch and made with only the best real raccoon fur, guaranteed.

Gray arctic fox fur is an excellent choice if you are looking for an alternative to lighter shades of colour in your fur pom poms. Our real light gray arctic fox fur pom poms offer the same timeless and breathtaking look as the rest of our products, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our green racoon fur pom poms are an excellent choice not only because of their soft feel, but also because of the deep and rich colouring they offer. Dark streaks of green mixed with black make for an eye-catching addition to your scarf, sweater, or hat!

All our poms are handmade with passion and love in our small studio in Ukraine and shipped internationally to any country. At LuxPoms we have a team of 3 people working hard to create unique items for our clients and make them happy with every purchase. Take a look at our collection of real fur pom poms and choose the ones that fits your style, design and character.

Our luxury looking faux fur pom poms are designed for decorating any crochet or knit hat, cap, beany, scarf, or hood. Most of our pom poms are varying in sizes from 9-10 cm and up to 22-23 cm, giving you a wide range of options to choose from. Each fur pom-pom has two thin strips (or a plastic button) attached to its bottom part that allows it to be easily fixed on the item (e.g. top of the hat), and easily detached for laundering.

Be stylish & animal friendly with these luxe, faux fur pom poms. The perfect topper for knit hats or as an alternative to tassels on the ends of a scarf. Choose from an array of natural & fun colors. Poms come in 2 different closures: tie strings or snap.

Not only does the edge look very nice, it eliminates a very hairy mess (I have Labrador, so I know a thing or two about hairy messes!). These fury pom-poms are a breeze to made; once you get going you will make dozens of them. However, it can be a bit tricky to get the circle the right size. I was tired of searching my kitchen for the right sized bowl or cup to trace! So I created a template that you can print for free. I suggest the middle one for adult/kids hats, the small one for babies and the large one for chunky projects.

Thank you for this site and the tutorials. Ive made several hats, but preferred he look oft he fur poms. Bought some todayon sale, and the clerk cut the fabric just as you described with a utility knife. Cant wait to try this, and plan to make the snowfall hat for one of my little friends!

Show your creativity by making DIY Pom Pom for a hat, cute accessories, and jewelry like dangling earrings. Now winter is around the corner, and it is the time of crocheting many hats and beanies. The crochet design crochet hats and beanies will look very attractive, especially when you add faux fur pom-poms to them. Creating pom pom for yourself is very affordable than purchasing them readymade. You can get creative by buying faux fur fabric from Ice Fabrics wholesale and make adorable Pom Pom in many sizes and colors.

Pom Pom hats are so trendy right now! Everyone in the knit and crochet community seems to be obsessed with those happy little fluff balls on top of their gorgeous handmade hats, and pom pom hats are always a huge crowd-pleaser at markets or when given as gifts. Ever wonder how those perfectly round and fluffy, luxuriously (faux) furry poms are made? ;Like, how DO you even make a faux fur pom pom?! Do you have a pile of hats that could really be taken to the next level with the addition of some pom-y goodness? Let me show you how I make my super simple and super affordable faux fur pom poms myself!

This year I made over 100 poms to add to my Puff and Pom Beanies (which are always a best seller at markets!). Ordering that many pom poms individually would have been rather costly for my business, plus I really like knowing that I made the WHOLE hat- the pattern, the finished hat, and the pom pom!

Faux fur pom poms are one of my favorite ways to finish a crocheted hat. This past week I made several hats and added faux fur pom poms to them. I used a couple different types of pom poms and as I was attaching the different ones I thought it might be a good idea to do a post all about faux fur pom poms, where to buy them, what the different kinds are and how they work, different ways to attach them, etc.

I have always gotten my faux fur pom poms on Amazon. I know people who get them from Esty as well, and others who make their own, but I have always used Amazon. I have chosen Amazon because you can find them in a pack of usually around 12 pom poms for a pretty good price. They typically range between $10-$15 for a dozen pom poms so somewhere around $1 a pieces, some are a little less and others a few cents more. The other reason I like to get them from Amazon is they come super fast and shipping is free since there are usually plenty of options that are Prime.

I worked up these pom poms using the two different colors and in two different sizes. Bear is pictured in the photo above in the extra large size and Chinchilla is pictured below in the large size. Here are my takeaways after working with this yarn:

Approximately 3.5"-4.5", these faux fur pom poms are perfect to top off your next hat project! Each pom has an elastic loop to attach to your project. Colors listed with Rainbow will have some color variation.We recommend gently brushing the fur to fluff them up if they arrive looking flat, or using a hair dryer on very low heat to coax fur into place.

For Materials: I used 6 inches wide of faux fur. Because the material comes in sometimes as much as 50 inches you get tons of pom poms! Scissors, needle, strong thread,(I used indoor outdoor upholstery thread) and a bit of stuffing.

Pom sizes available are LARGE which is a great size for an adult item or bigger project, MEDIUM, great size for a child or toddler item, and SMALL, perfect for a baby item or smaller project. XL poms are available upon request for $1 extra. See each pom description for more specific measurement detail. Stated sizes are approximate, because size varies depending on the length/thickness of the faux fur. Longer, thicker piles & some thicker base fabric result in bigger poms.

I love adding faux fur pom poms to my knit and crochet beanies as I think they add such a beautiful and luxurious finishing touch! For a while, I used faux fur pom poms that had two yarn/string ends and tried my best to attach them to the top of the beanie as securely as possible. This would generally involve tying many knots and trying to weave the ends back into the pom pom at different angles to try and prevent the pom pom from being too floppy. This meant that it was also very hard to remove the pom pom for washing purposes or to switch out the colors.

Some pom poms have 2 or 4 strings attached to it, and if you are making your own pom pom from leftover yarn, it is easy to leave 2 long strings to attach the pom pom with. However, you may also purchase a pom pom with a small elastic or a press stud button, or even with nothing at all. Then you will have to attach strings yourself. You can use the same yarn you knitted the hat with, although if it is a chunky yarn it is easier to pick a thinner yarn that will fit better through the buttonholes.

The typical faux fur pom poms will have a semi-soft core that you can easily puncture with a needle so you can use a needle to secure the yarn to the core of the pom, leaving 2 strands dangling down. If the pom pom has an elastic, I like to use a crochet hook to pull the yarn string through the elastic.

How have you been attaching your pom poms to your knitted hats, or are you not a pom pom kind of person? Are you going to try the button method next time? As always, I would love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment below.

I always do a knot (single, not double!) and then a bow. The bow can be nice and loose, but the knot I do tightly to pull the pom close to the hat. I have never lost a pom or had trouble removing it. Obviously, this might depend on the type of string you use for your poms. It sounds like you sell your own hats and poms so I would experiment a little with the knot and bow. One thing you can also try is to pull the two strings through the hat a little apart from each other, on each side of the center, rather than through the center. This can help pull the pom closer to the hat without the need to tighten the knot so much. I would love to hear back from you when you have found your best practice.

I do the same as Nicole. The pom poms I bought have a small elastic loop. I sew a button inside on top of hat. Then I pull the elastic through top of hat and around the button. This not only allows you to take it off to wash hat or wear hat without the pom pom. 041b061a72


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