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Educating women on potentially harmful ingredients found in their daily use personal care products and makeup is a mission I am proud to be on. Sadly toxic chemicals are allowed in the products we use everyday that can impact our bodies in negatives ways. 
(Lean more in my blog)  
I am excited to introduce you to favorite toxic free skin care and makeup brand. It is consciously packaged, vegan, cruelty free, GF, made in the USA and non-GMO. And so much more amazing goodness. 
I am a proud Advocate for this company.



Sharing clean, natural ways we can add strength and healing to our bodies is a big passion of mine. The company Earthly Wellness, is doing just that. They have a mission to change how people look at health care and provide safe alternatives. My family loves using their products and I will be sharing more about these products and other ways to stay strong and healthy in my blog.
I am an affiliate with this company.


My relationship with God is my utmost priority. I love to worship and talk with Him constantly. When we choose to believe and live for Jesus, we have the same power and authority that raised Jesus from the dead living in us. (Rom 8:11) What a powerful truth to stand on.
Ministries that I have found to help you grow deeper in your faith: Andrew Wommack Ministires, Audery Mack with GoTell Ministres and seeking the Holy Spirit. 
My favorite book next to the Bible that radically changed my walk was "The Believers Authority" by Andrew Wommack.

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